Are you looking for a relationship therapist, a family therapist, an individual therapist, a sexologist or a counselor for children in Antwerp (Deurne - Borsbeek) or online?
Hello! We are the team behind Konektis!
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English is not our native language but you are more than welcome for conversations in English with following professionals.
You will find all information and contact details per person. If you are not sure who to contact, you can contact Cindy Druyts (coordinator Konektis) by e-mail at or Werner Smets by telephone  ((+32)0476 841 770).


    Cindy Druyts (head of Konektis)

    Function Emotionally focused individual therapist - Sexologist
    Cliƫnts Individuals: 14 +
    Expertise (therapist) Anxiety - Depression - Grieving - Burnout - Stress - Sadness - Anger - Violence - Relationships - Sexual trauma - Trauma - Complex trauma - PTSD - Addiction - Pain - Eating disorders - Self-mutilation - Suicidal thoughts - Loneliness - Perfectionism - Painful childhood - Parenting - Attachment - Doubts - Conflicts - Borderline - Fear of failure - Interaction between body and psyche - Giftedness - High sensitivity - Relationship breakup
    Expertise (sexologist) Libido difference - Orgasm problems - Sexual Trauma - Pain complaints - Uncertainty - Adultery - BDSM and kink - Consensual non-monogamy - Asexuality - Loss of interest in sex - Vaginismus - Erection problems - Hypersexuality - Processing sexually transgressive behavior - Sexuality after important events (parenthood, illness , menopause, accident, ..) Pregnancy - Termination of pregnancy
    Appointment monday morning - wednesday morning

    Function emotionally focused individual and relationship therapist
    Clients individuals, couples and families
    Expertise (therapist) Anxiety - Depression - Grieving - Burnout - Stress - Sadness - Anger - Violence - Relationships - Sexual Trauma - Trauma - Complex Trauma - PTSD - Addiction - Pain - Eating Disorders - Self Mutilation and Self Mutilation - Suicidal Thoughts - Loneliness - Perfectionism - Painful Childhood - Parenting - Attachment - Doubts - Arguing - Borderline - Fear of failure
    Expertise (relationship therapist) Difference in vision of the future - Conflicts and quarrels - Impact of parenthood - Partner violence - Changing the relationship form - Adultery - Fear of commitment - Fear of abandonment - Not being seen - The feeling of failure - Communication problems - Jealousy - Breaking up
    Appointment monday evening - tuesday afternoon - thursday evening

    Function Psychological consultant
    Clients Children and families
    Expertise Further after parental divorce - Stress -Not feeling well - Insecurity - Perfectionism - Sadness - Anger - Loneliness - Fear of failure - Conflicts - School problems - Bullying - Fears - School fatigue - ...
    Appointment wednesday afternoon - friday afternoon

    Function sexologist - emotionally focused individual therapist ie
    Clients individuals (16+)
    Appointment monday afternoon - monday evening

    Who are we as a team?


    We (Werner & Cindy) got to know each other in 2014 as fellow crisis co workers at CAW Antwerp and decided a few years later, based on shared values, to create Konektis with a unique approach in trauma sensitivity, inclusiveness and sex positivity.

    We like to create a resting place. A safe haven. A feeling of coming home. It's just as much about the little things as it is about the big things. We share a commitment to an authentic and value-driven life. Continuing this in our practice is an absolute must for us. We want you to feel welcome with us. Even on the days when you come up with a heavily loaded story!


    Together we reflect on genuineness, authenticity, in all its splendor, and in all its tragedy. We like to reflect and often. With a smile and a tear, without judgment about what is, full of admiration for the desire for change, the desire for more, for growth. With us you can always expect a combination of coming home to yourself, psycho-education, feeling, connecting.


    Team van Konektis Seksuoloog Psycholoog Therapeut Relatietherapeut
    Handtekening Werner en Cindy bij Praktijkhuis Konektis te Deurne, Antwerpen